Thursday, March 28, 2013

In the christian book known as the bible there are  two main forces god witch represents eternal good hope and happiness and then theirs Satan who symbolizes all evil and bad in the world. Christian theology claims that God is the single most powerful force in the universe. His power knows no known bonds yet Satan is seen as this rival in a certain light he even talks smack to god several times. This is really confusing because god doesnt do anything to stop him he doesn't keep him imprisoned or even seems like he cant be contained because it is said that his power could effect humans on earth. It seems he is one of two things he is a badlly placed rival to the creator of the world or hes just some force thats so powerful and so ingrained that not even god seems to be able to stop him. Christian theology makes of of these point both possible yet impossible.  Since god is everything and knows everything then he should be able to do anything right? So why cant he seem to beat the devil the doctrine basically says that god is gearing up for this final battle at the end of knowen time to destroy the devil but why doesn't he just stop him now why this elaborate plan that takes billions of years to complete? Well tell me what you think lets have a good talk thanks bye