Tuesday, November 17, 2015

IEM San Jose match ups and predictions

Well its that time of year folks its time for IEM San Jose where the B C teams of every region come to battle for middle of the road champ. Now the first rounds are a best of 1 so it will be do or die for some of these teams. Others like Jinair and OG have gotten a bye so they will be in the semis and will face the winners of round one in a best of 3.

Round 1 match ups

Match one Team Solo mid and LGD gaming
With TSM i cant say my usual insults since they have a new roster with some pretty great players from all across the LCS. Replacing every member besides mid lane Birg taking out all the trash and bringing in some fresh faces. At ADC doublelift, In the Top lane "Hauntzer",jungle  "Svensekeren" and at support "kaSing". This line up looks not only to take all of NA but looks to even compete on the world stage on par with the likes of KOO or FNC. Now LGD is a different story while they have the same line up im not sure how they will perform after that despicable performance at worlds this year. It clearly showed some horrid weakness in the team that i hope get fixed real quick. Before LGD and all its members become the joke of china.


well this is easy CLG has a 5 man team while UOL has....2 whole members so unless they can sign 3 players in 3 days i dont think they can 2v5 CLG.