Saturday, March 26, 2016

Spyice qualifies for LCS

Spyice qualifies for LCS

Splyce Beats GIA gaming and re-enters the LCS.
It was a back and forth series both teams looked on edge and played extremely well. However in the end splyce takes the series 3-2 and comes back home to the EU LCS. Wanderware was named MVP of the series playing really well on carries and with a amazing performance on Poppy in game 3 to tie up the series. With such a defeat GIA has to face the loser of ROC VS HUM to see if they can get back into the LCS once and for all.

NA LCS relegation's

The Death of a LCS team


Current record: 5-13
The bottom three NA LCS teams have had significant roster changes, but none were as remarkable as Renegades’ Week 8 with the grab of top laner Shin “Seraph” Woo-yeong and mid laner Noh “Ninja” Geon-woo from Team Dragon Knights in exchange for struggling top laner Oleksii “RF Legendary”Kuziuta, top laner Cuong "Flaresz" Ta, and mid laner Alexey “Alex Ich”Ichetovkin. This was well after the team had gone without starting AD carry Aleš "Freeze" Kněžínek for three games in Weeks 2 and 3, along with the resignation of starting support Maria “Remi” Creveling between Weeks 3 and 4. With all of these changes, the Renegades have started 11 members in the 17 games they've played this split — the most of any North American team. Naturally, this has made it difficult for them to find any kind of stride or synergy, although their fortunes have looked brighter since Ninja and Seraph became starters. The new line up has been able to find some dire wins on TIP and TSM puting them in a firm 8th place.

Team Impulse

Current record: 5-13

Prior to the season’s start, Team Impulse’s chances at anything but tenth place were widely disregarded due to their seemingly slapped-together roster. Top laner Wang “Feng” Xiaofeng and Korean solo queue mid laner Choi “Pirean” Jun-sik were unknown entities, while jungler Kim “Procxin”Se-young had most recently left Japanese team DetonatioN FocusMe after only two games. Support Austin “Gate” Yu was known for stepping into TIP's mid lane when Yu “XiaoWeiXiao” Xian was banned last summer, while AD carry Brandon “Mash” Phan had bounced around the North American scene since 2011.
This roster didn’t play together until Week 4, although both Pirean and Procxin appeared late in Week 2 for a surprising victory with Gate the support filling in for Top. Even with their subsequent 5-13 record, TiP remain one of the bloodier teams in North America with 0.71 combined kills per minute thanks to their insistence on choosing fights and skirmishes often to their detriment. Going into relegation's they will face the winner of DIG vs TDK. I think they will make it back into the LCS along side APEX and REN.

Team Dignitas

Current record: 4-14
The last place team in the NA lcs Dig would have to win 2 best of 5's in a row in order to re-qualify for the NA LCS. Thats a hard goal to reach and its doubtful they can reach it. Dignitas has the longest average game time of any North American team being tied for first at 37.7 minutes with Echo Fox.Even with Aspect of the Dragon, multiple Zz’rot Portals, and Baron, Dignitas finds it hard just to sit back and win a game instead they throw throw and throw some more. Dignitas has the most difficult road of all three bottom teams to avoid the dreaded Challenger series. Will DiG a long standing LCS team finally be relegated or will they rise from the ashes of shame? Only time will tell.

Wednesday, March 16, 2016

NA lCS end of season round up p1

                NA LCS roundup end of spring split 

                       Its been a crazy season with new teams high expectations and high level play however some of those expectations haven't been meet. This split has seen new top teams that dominate the LCS but not in convencing fashion any team can beat any other team. Ill now rank the teams where they satnd at the end of the season and my pick for champion.

Top 3

                         Top team immortals: Immortals the team that bought coast and brought Hunni and Reignover to NA. At the start i projected they would be in the top five since they were untested and had some lack luster players (wildturrtle). However they have shattered that expectation having a near perfect run of the LC with only one lose. This is not to say they were perfect they have shown they are arrogant and cocky to the point of almost losing to several teams (REN). This has lead to them being over hyped as some god level team when in reality there about mid tier of a team internationally but top in NA. They would be on the level of LCK'S Afreca.


                          Second place CLG: A team that has definitely shocked me with their placement with a sub-par adc in sticksay i expected him to choke on stage and the team to be a bottom feeder team. However with Darshan and HUHI carrying Clg has split pushed their way to a top tier spot in the LCS. Do i think their good? no but what they do works and wins them games so take that as you will


                              That other second place team cloud hai: O wait i mean c9 a c9 with a new jungle and the same trash players being carried by hai and mid lane. Now while some of the players are clearly good (Rush,sneaky,hai) Some other players have been...... pretty trash as usual(Balls) will they win spring split? hell no lol are you jokeing? the reign of c9 ended a year ago and i dont think they can take back that crown not with teams like immortals CLG TSM etc. They can will in best of ones it remains to be seen if hai can use his ass pulls to carry them to a championship. doubtful.

The other bottom 3 will be covered later.

Wednesday, January 6, 2016

I respect for the king xspecial

Xspecial former TSM TL support will not be joining a lcs team this year. As the start of the season approached it looked like xspecial was done. And it turns out those fears were justified. My fanboy glasses blinded me from the truth xspecial wasn't good anymore. At least not like the early days. Xspecial is prone to lots of problems and issues a lot of older players have they can't adapt. Knowing xspecial hes gonna say it's all his fault in a ton that makes him seem humble and honorable. However his consistent passive aggressive bitch behavior was "toxic" to his team. Even with a former world champion ADC piglet xspecial still failed. Xspecial was a great player and should always be remembered as such however don't forget his play declined and it's his fault he isn't on a team this year.

Sunday, January 3, 2016

Finding the echo fox roster

The Echo Fox roster rumors.

The new kids on the LCS block Echo Fox have yet to formally release a roster but there are rumors of what the team would look like. Echo Fox founded by Rick Fox, after gaining gravity gaming's  spot in December for roughly $1 million. The rumors suggest a strong roster for the spring split.

According to the Daily Dot Froggen will serve as the starting mid laner for echo fox. Their sources are contacts close to the team and have confirmed he is in the final stages of negotiations. Froggen was in negotiations with many teams across North America, Europe, and even China, this offseason after Elements disbanded  due to management disputes.

According to sources close to the team, Echo Fox is likely to add former MeetYourMakers mid laner Kori as a sub to Froggen. The rest of the team according to Daily Dot include C9T jungler Hard,Former CLGB ADC Keith and TDK support Baby. The final player in the top lane is yet to be known probably some challenger player again. Some say hes Korean which would make the team good so lets hope thats the case LoL.

Echo Fox’s coach is former Gravity Gaming coach and AD carry  "COP” . They will also be retaining Gravity manager Jake “Ginko” Fyfe as their general manager.