Wednesday, March 16, 2016

NA lCS end of season round up p1

                NA LCS roundup end of spring split 

                       Its been a crazy season with new teams high expectations and high level play however some of those expectations haven't been meet. This split has seen new top teams that dominate the LCS but not in convencing fashion any team can beat any other team. Ill now rank the teams where they satnd at the end of the season and my pick for champion.

Top 3

                         Top team immortals: Immortals the team that bought coast and brought Hunni and Reignover to NA. At the start i projected they would be in the top five since they were untested and had some lack luster players (wildturrtle). However they have shattered that expectation having a near perfect run of the LC with only one lose. This is not to say they were perfect they have shown they are arrogant and cocky to the point of almost losing to several teams (REN). This has lead to them being over hyped as some god level team when in reality there about mid tier of a team internationally but top in NA. They would be on the level of LCK'S Afreca.


                          Second place CLG: A team that has definitely shocked me with their placement with a sub-par adc in sticksay i expected him to choke on stage and the team to be a bottom feeder team. However with Darshan and HUHI carrying Clg has split pushed their way to a top tier spot in the LCS. Do i think their good? no but what they do works and wins them games so take that as you will


                              That other second place team cloud hai: O wait i mean c9 a c9 with a new jungle and the same trash players being carried by hai and mid lane. Now while some of the players are clearly good (Rush,sneaky,hai) Some other players have been...... pretty trash as usual(Balls) will they win spring split? hell no lol are you jokeing? the reign of c9 ended a year ago and i dont think they can take back that crown not with teams like immortals CLG TSM etc. They can will in best of ones it remains to be seen if hai can use his ass pulls to carry them to a championship. doubtful.

The other bottom 3 will be covered later.

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