Wednesday, January 6, 2016

I respect for the king xspecial

Xspecial former TSM TL support will not be joining a lcs team this year. As the start of the season approached it looked like xspecial was done. And it turns out those fears were justified. My fanboy glasses blinded me from the truth xspecial wasn't good anymore. At least not like the early days. Xspecial is prone to lots of problems and issues a lot of older players have they can't adapt. Knowing xspecial hes gonna say it's all his fault in a ton that makes him seem humble and honorable. However his consistent passive aggressive bitch behavior was "toxic" to his team. Even with a former world champion ADC piglet xspecial still failed. Xspecial was a great player and should always be remembered as such however don't forget his play declined and it's his fault he isn't on a team this year.

Sunday, January 3, 2016

Finding the echo fox roster

The Echo Fox roster rumors.

The new kids on the LCS block Echo Fox have yet to formally release a roster but there are rumors of what the team would look like. Echo Fox founded by Rick Fox, after gaining gravity gaming's  spot in December for roughly $1 million. The rumors suggest a strong roster for the spring split.

According to the Daily Dot Froggen will serve as the starting mid laner for echo fox. Their sources are contacts close to the team and have confirmed he is in the final stages of negotiations. Froggen was in negotiations with many teams across North America, Europe, and even China, this offseason after Elements disbanded  due to management disputes.

According to sources close to the team, Echo Fox is likely to add former MeetYourMakers mid laner Kori as a sub to Froggen. The rest of the team according to Daily Dot include C9T jungler Hard,Former CLGB ADC Keith and TDK support Baby. The final player in the top lane is yet to be known probably some challenger player again. Some say hes Korean which would make the team good so lets hope thats the case LoL.

Echo Fox’s coach is former Gravity Gaming coach and AD carry  "COP” . They will also be retaining Gravity manager Jake “Ginko” Fyfe as their general manager.

Friday, January 1, 2016

Liquid announces 10 man roster and new head coach!

TL owner Steve announces new roster ideas and changes in the team. This includes the change to a 10 man roster and a new head coach.Now lets tackle this ten man roster change this basically means the challenger players will act as subs to the LCS players. This is similar to LSPL teams and LPL teams where the benched players play in the lower league. Is this a good idea? I think so since TL has had some performance slumps from time to time and benching a player for a game or two could help out the team a lot. We still dont know who the new TL top laner is or what happened with quas probably never will TBH.

The next huge piece of news is that of all people LOCO is now the new head coach of TL.......Now dont get me wrong great guy not so great coach. After TSM i cant see Loco coaching again he seemed pretty done by the end of worlds. On top of all that hes gonna be the head coach of my favorite team a team and i really want them to do well. Can Loco deliver? or will TL be mid teir trash this year? Find that out and more here at the critical zone!! TL BEST TEAM NA 2016!!! HYPE(hopefully)!