Monday, October 26, 2015

2015 league of legends world finals

Well well what a worlds it been i haven't really wrote much on worlds since it seems kinda straight forward but ill give a brief recap if you've been to busy to enjoy worlds this year.

Group winners
Group A: 1.flash wolfs
                 2. Koo tigers
Group B: 1.FNC
Group C: 1.SKT
Group D: 1.KT
                2. OG

Quater finals

FW vs OG
OG wins 3-1

SKT win 3-0

FNC win 3-0

KOO win 3-1

now that the run down is over lets talk about those semi final matches.
OG vs SKT (3-0)

Now this was set in stone from the moment OG stepped on stage they knew they were facing the greatest LOL team in the world. Now they played valiantly and did their best but come on who really thought honestly OG would beat SKT? Easy mode didnt even start faker and from easyhoons performance they clearly dont need to.

FNC vs KOO tigers(3-0)

Now unlike the OG SKT match this one was appaerntly a 50/50 match up both these teams seemed about equal and EU had a shot at the finals. Then everything changed when hunni tilted no but really FNC was outclassed across the board. Top mid and bot owned in this match up and hojin was able to make up for his fuck ups and play with his team well. FNC looked pretty good in game one they got first blood and had a pretty good lead early but slowly but surly KOO started to step up. When this happened FNC's chances took a nose dive. After game one they feel apart barely hanging on and went into full desperation mode and KOO exploited every mistake.  Gameover and tilt master Hunni came in full force making it impossible for them to win this is evident in game 3. In game 3 it looked like they just wanted to go home hunni was 0-9 for god sakes and smeb had a feild day top fevbin at least held his own with a solid performance but that all the good you can say about FNC. EU fans over hyped them and when they crashed and burned at the hands of KOO tigers the dream collapsed.Imagine if they performed like that vs KOO the utter stompfest SKT would have brought if they faced them in the finals. I think its good FNC lost so handily because it shows a sad fact about LCS even if you go undefeated all split your nothing in a best of 5 against teams who understand how to play game after game without tilt. It highlights a big weakness of the west best of 1s dont show how well they perform in best of 5s. FNC was untouchable when they had a week to until themselves and play 100% but as soon and they play more than one and start fucking up it all falls apart. The only hope for the west is to change the silly LCS format and start being big  boys and playing best of 3s or something. If not hen the same thing will happen year after year season after season well think a team is really good and then they get bent over by the Koreans and well complain about the all Korean finals. FNC deserved every loss and i look forward to the best teams in the world SKT and KOO facing off in the finals.