Friday, May 29, 2015

Is high school a overall good or bad experience?

Is high school a overall bad experience?

It's a varied question many would agree that it is but many would also say it isn't.
To me high school is probably one of the greatest points in my life so far. Why? Because in high school most people undergo massive amounts of growth on both a physical and mental level.  This growth to most seems like a bad thing but in all honesty those people are the ones that went through the least change.  In my opinion this growth can lead in some to becoming great people.  High school provides a artificial environment that fosters social and mental skills. Some say it's just a bs hierarchy but it's a meritocracy in most cases. People don't just get friend because they appear they had to interact with people in a positive manner. Those who are the best at this  are at the top and those who are bad are at the bottom. Some may argue this leads to to much ego and bravado that leads to people failing in life. I would argue that it leads to confidence that translates into college and into the working world. Social skill is one of the most important things t have it can open many doors. I think high school offers a place to hone and foster that skill and for that reason I find high school a overall good experience.

That's just my opinion tell me what you think in the comments below i would love to discuss this with you.

Thursday, May 28, 2015

Types of girls to avoid in high school part 1

High school girls come in various shapes sizes and attitudes but certain types should without a doubt avoided at all costs. I'll inform you of the top  5 type of high school girls a young man should avoid and why.

1. The super girl
Now we all know this type of girl she's in every AP class every varsity sport and has the highest gpa. But she's most likely a total bitch and has one of the highest expectations for you and herself. That's not necessarily a bad thing but it creates a lot of stress in relationships. She more than likely has no time for you so avoid at all costs

2. The social justice crusader
This girl always has some great evil she needs to tumble about or protest. Everything and everyone is against her she is a guaranteed bitch no if ands or buts. The slightest hint of discussion on certain issues is shoot's her way or no way extremely bossy and arrogant. Avoid at all costs no matter what.

3. The hoe
Now this may seem strange and I have nothing against women who are promiscuous do what you want. But high school boys seem to have a delusional view that hanging out with a hoe some how makes them "cool". It has the opposite effect girls talk and they will black list you the instant they even suspect you interact with this type. Do I think that's justified?  No but it's is going to happen and it's hard as fuck to change your image in high school it's will be you to your knees and keep you there if you let it. Avoid this girl genitalmen it's not her per say but the baggage and social problems that come with talking to this girl.

Now those might only be three types but I assure you there's more subscribe to receive email updates when I post.  stay Gucci my brothers over and out.

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

How to get girls in high school

In high school girls are gonna be weird and so are you. That's okay with these simple tips high school girls will fall under your magic charm.
Tip 1:Don't be a follower
In school it's gonna be tempting to want to join a group by any means necessary but don't sacrifice your dignity for 15 minutes of fame. You have to think long term(I know it's hard) think more about being independent that way you seem more confident. Now this doesn't mean be a loner it means making it clear that your friends don't own you. If you own your self then and only then can you connect with another person you like.
Tip 2: Be brave be bold be just!
This basically boils down to be a god dam man about approaching and dating girls.  The voice that says you can't is always wrong most girls will jump at the chance to get guys attention. So don't be afraid of failure or defeat because unless your dead the war isn't over(lol went off the deep end there). But in summary don't be a bitch and you might get the bitches basically your limits are what you set not what others tell you.
Tip 3: care but don't care
This might sound like a contradiction but here me out. Think about it teen girls want your affection but to much and it no longer holds real value. Keep your value high by not caring but also keep it on the market by caring. You get me? Here's a example to help. OK so you and this girl you like meet in class you think you really hit it even managed to get her number (good job) but don't celebrate just yet my friend.  Don't start sending good morning texts every day or the dreaded text "hey" or even worse "what's up". You need to plan only text when you have something to talk about and only occasionally. You will be friend zoned so hard if you text her every day without rest. In summary for the whole post don't be a bitch just be a man and keep your value high and your availability as low as acceptably possible. So stay thirsty my friends!! 
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Thursday, May 14, 2015

top 5 reasons why being popular doesnt matter

1.being popular is a double edged sword.
Depending on how your high school is structured the clique hierarchy could vary. However the general order is normally preps,jocks,party kids,nerds,normal kids and last and very least complete outcast. Now while you might think being at the top of the hierarchy is good you would be wrong. Being at the top means you have to be mindful of every action because it could make or break you. This can create the same level of stress being at the bottom causes and sometimes isn't worth it.

2. Popular kids normally aren't liked by the majority of people at the school
This may seem like a contradiction but being popular isn't being well like it's just being known in your school. In my school the popular kids are not seen as necessary good people but more like someone we can all reference whether that's good or bad depends on the group.

3. Most popular kids become losers in college.
Let's be honest high school is a artificial environment meaning it isn't really the real world. It might be similar but I assure you no one really cares how bad ass you were in high school.  However most kids don't understand this concept and leave school with a sense of pride they don't deserve even remotely. This leads to them being completely confused and their life spirals out of control.

4.People won't know you personally just superficially.
When your popular people respect your image not your true self. This means they don't see you for you but rather as a projection of you they make up for themselves.

5. It's ultimately pointless so be your self
Being popular has no real value in the long run.  a much better idea is to just be yourself I know thats what everyone says but it's actually true. Being yourself allows you to actually make good bonds and actually helps you in the real world. That's one of schools redemptive qualities it helps people grow. However that growth can swallow you if you don't carefully guide it.

Thanks for reading 😊

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

How education in america went downhill p1

Education is very important with education you can train the youth and set a course for the future. However this docent seem to important now since education (in the states at least) has turned into test score alley. In america today we over hype test scores in both high school and elementary education to the point where actually learning skills is not the primary focus anymore. In this post and many more to come i will go into both my personal experience and examine the experience of others on Americas fall from the education grace.

I remember a time where you would go to school on  the first day and your teacher wouldn't stress just how important your test scores are. yes they were there when i was a kid but my teachers whole career dint depend on how well i did on a test one time at the end of the year. Call me crazy but are test scores a real measure of intelligence? sure IQ test are but little state standardized test which are beyond easy (to me at least). Instead of drilling kids on how to spend half a year preparing for a test we should actually teach kids things like critical thinking so they can not grow up to be drones whos only question is whats the answer. Kids now dont look into the question and ask why things are that way they just ask how things are. This direction robs kids of there self determination and sets them up big time for failure. I know thats not the intent they want more scientist and engineers but you know what they have to do? Think not just accept a theory or a law but test it ask questions and really know why. Until we start to see that we will get more McDonald's employees and less scientist