Tuesday, May 26, 2015

How to get girls in high school

In high school girls are gonna be weird and so are you. That's okay with these simple tips high school girls will fall under your magic charm.
Tip 1:Don't be a follower
In school it's gonna be tempting to want to join a group by any means necessary but don't sacrifice your dignity for 15 minutes of fame. You have to think long term(I know it's hard) think more about being independent that way you seem more confident. Now this doesn't mean be a loner it means making it clear that your friends don't own you. If you own your self then and only then can you connect with another person you like.
Tip 2: Be brave be bold be just!
This basically boils down to be a god dam man about approaching and dating girls.  The voice that says you can't is always wrong most girls will jump at the chance to get guys attention. So don't be afraid of failure or defeat because unless your dead the war isn't over(lol went off the deep end there). But in summary don't be a bitch and you might get the bitches basically your limits are what you set not what others tell you.
Tip 3: care but don't care
This might sound like a contradiction but here me out. Think about it teen girls want your affection but to much and it no longer holds real value. Keep your value high by not caring but also keep it on the market by caring. You get me? Here's a example to help. OK so you and this girl you like meet in class you think you really hit it off.you even managed to get her number (good job) but don't celebrate just yet my friend.  Don't start sending good morning texts every day or the dreaded text "hey" or even worse "what's up". You need to plan only text when you have something to talk about and only occasionally. You will be friend zoned so hard if you text her every day without rest. In summary for the whole post don't be a bitch just be a man and keep your value high and your availability as low as acceptably possible. So stay thirsty my friends!! 
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