Thursday, May 28, 2015

Types of girls to avoid in high school part 1

High school girls come in various shapes sizes and attitudes but certain types should without a doubt avoided at all costs. I'll inform you of the top  5 type of high school girls a young man should avoid and why.

1. The super girl
Now we all know this type of girl she's in every AP class every varsity sport and has the highest gpa. But she's most likely a total bitch and has one of the highest expectations for you and herself. That's not necessarily a bad thing but it creates a lot of stress in relationships. She more than likely has no time for you so avoid at all costs

2. The social justice crusader
This girl always has some great evil she needs to tumble about or protest. Everything and everyone is against her she is a guaranteed bitch no if ands or buts. The slightest hint of discussion on certain issues is shoot's her way or no way extremely bossy and arrogant. Avoid at all costs no matter what.

3. The hoe
Now this may seem strange and I have nothing against women who are promiscuous do what you want. But high school boys seem to have a delusional view that hanging out with a hoe some how makes them "cool". It has the opposite effect girls talk and they will black list you the instant they even suspect you interact with this type. Do I think that's justified?  No but it's is going to happen and it's hard as fuck to change your image in high school it's will be you to your knees and keep you there if you let it. Avoid this girl genitalmen it's not her per say but the baggage and social problems that come with talking to this girl.

Now those might only be three types but I assure you there's more subscribe to receive email updates when I post.  stay Gucci my brothers over and out.

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