Friday, May 29, 2015

Is high school a overall good or bad experience?

Is high school a overall bad experience?

It's a varied question many would agree that it is but many would also say it isn't.
To me high school is probably one of the greatest points in my life so far. Why? Because in high school most people undergo massive amounts of growth on both a physical and mental level.  This growth to most seems like a bad thing but in all honesty those people are the ones that went through the least change.  In my opinion this growth can lead in some to becoming great people.  High school provides a artificial environment that fosters social and mental skills. Some say it's just a bs hierarchy but it's a meritocracy in most cases. People don't just get friend because they appear they had to interact with people in a positive manner. Those who are the best at this  are at the top and those who are bad are at the bottom. Some may argue this leads to to much ego and bravado that leads to people failing in life. I would argue that it leads to confidence that translates into college and into the working world. Social skill is one of the most important things t have it can open many doors. I think high school offers a place to hone and foster that skill and for that reason I find high school a overall good experience.

That's just my opinion tell me what you think in the comments below i would love to discuss this with you.

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