Monday, June 1, 2015

Who's your hero

As teens we have a wide variety of hero's that we look up to and emulate.
For me personally my hero's are Naruto from well Naruto. Kamina from Gurren laggan and Lelouch from code geass. These each have there own reasons for being my hero's individual of one another.
Naruto is my hero because he show cases how even if things are bad now never give up. I know lots of characters have a similar story but there's something about narutos particular brand of lonelyness that really gets to me. It's also inspiring me to see his growth despite what people say about him. In summary Naruto has a certain brand of no limits attitude that I love.

Kamina possibly the most charismatic character on this list is everything every guy wants to be. He's brave charming has a indomitable will and is looked up to and loved by all. Kamina is the poster child for idgf in anime. He takes shit from no one  fights for what he believes in and always strives for the top. He is extremely inspirational not only to me but others around the world.

One of the last but certainly not the least on this list in Lelouch lamparuge. This guy is a fucking beast plain and simple not only is he a genius but he's also a kind loving person.  He makes some really hard decisions and most would say it makes him a bad guy but he has a clear reason for his actions. Every discussion effects him deeply and he has a unwavering will and drive for his goal. Lelouch is by far the most influential character on this list at least to me.

Tell me what you think who's your hero and why would love to know.

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