Monday, June 29, 2015

Top 3 google adsense alternatives

Top 3 google adsense alternatives

1. Referalhits
I recently discovered Revenue Hits and it looks like a great contender. I signed up and was quickly contacted by a manager to see how their ad platform for publishers work and they have a ton of features to make money. Revenue hits is a Performance Ad network, which means they pay you for results (CPA which is great for many niches), however, they have CPM and CPC models too. Revenue hits has an interesting platform that learns from your Ads so if you give them a try make sure to keep their ads running for 2-4 days to get the best results. Another great thing is that they have different monetization channels available. You can create banner ads, sliders, pop -unders, buttons and more. 

Skimlinks is the best alternative to google adsense. Skimlinks converts your outbound links into affiliate links, and you earn money whenever a sale occurs. You should choose between adsense or Skimlinks based on the type of blog you have.It is possible that you could end up making ten times your existing earnings with adsense and Skimlinks, as they pay for affiliate sales and not for the click.If you are looking to monetize your blogs, you should give for sure Skimlinks a try. is the best alternative to AdSense in terms of ad types. is a contextual ad network by Yahoo! and Bing, and it offers high-paying ads. Moreover, the ad types involved are similar to AdSense, and if you have a quality blog, you are more likely to get approval in no time.
There are many more out their this are just the few i have tried you should to.

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