Tuesday, June 30, 2015

The king and his men EU LCS

The king and his men EU LCS 
by Benspore

Fnatic, H2K and Origen fighting for the top.

As the summer split hits the half way point its clear that four teams are at the top and just might stay at the top. This leaves other teams and their dreams for worlds in the dust. With a combined record of 30-10 the four horseman of EU dominate the region with a heavy handed grasp. 

King Fnatic
Fnatic is a team that forgives no one cold and calculating its no wonder they remain undefeated with a 10-0 run so far in the summer split where they sit watch from their throne at the top of the region. Fnatic continued to excel — handing Origen their second loss of the season last week in a decisive match. Fnatic now has a win over every team in the EU LCS with almost flawless precision only two teams look to take on the king.

The young upstarts
Origen the young team that blazed a almost undefeated split looks to try to de-throne the kings of Fnatic. Having a crushing defeat at the hands of Fnatic and a lack luster performance and lost with Roccat are the teams only losses at second place. In order to take the throne they have to blaze another trail only this time they have to beat Fnatic and all their matches to come if they want a shot at worlds.

The remain contenders
H2k and giants have a long road to the playoffs if they want a shot at worlds. For these teams however worlds isnt the first priority they should focus on solid performances in there next matches. Looking for all the wins they can get to have a shot at playoffs and then look to take on the champs whether that be Fnatic or Origen.


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