Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Do fantasy LOL sites pay?

The short answer yes. The long answer involves different levels of gambeling and risk yes fantasy sports betting is gambeling and my not be illegal yet.... i personally advise not investing more than 10 bucks at a time since both Aplhadraft and Vulcan have a min 10 buck withdraw rate. so dont think you can earn bits hear and bits there for free. However if you use my method add 10 bucks and play in penny/free contest till you reach about 12 13 bucks it can add up quick. If you have deep pockets and balls of steel with some lcs knowlage then i totally think investing more is good idea. Its easy and even if you barley watch LCS you should know the good from the terrible(never get dig players......Never) But hey thats my take try it for yourself at Alphadraft or Vulcan you might win big who knows.

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