Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Eu LCS challenger series picks week 1 day 2

TOP..beansu (mousesports, $975)
May not be the most hype player in the Challenger series but in terms of his super low cost but consistent play hes well worth the pic.

ADC.Woolite (Denial eSports EU, $1654)
This man i a god plane and simple his cost is high but Jesus this man can deliver even when DNL loses he still has a great KDA. This is the pick to build your squad around no doubt . 
Support. Wendelbo
Another DNL pick and a decent score for a decent cost in my opinion.

Jungler Dan
Like my boy Beansu his low cost low risk style can definitely pay off as a flex or even your main top. He will get you point no doubt.
Tell me your picks and we can compare how we did Stay frosty boys hope you dont lose money this week. #DNLWIN

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