Saturday, June 6, 2015

The positivity journal

As a teenager that is plagued with "major depression disorder " I can definitely say it's one of the hardest challenges i have ever faced in my young life. When your depressed it doesn't matter how much good you do only the bad seems to connect. If you're like me then your a beacon of light but on the inside is filled with darkness and misery.  Don't let that darkness grip you or keep you down. I've found a great way to remind me (and hopefully you) of all the good i do in the world. It's called the possibility journal and it's basically you and others writing what they love about you. I did this with my classmates junior year and it brought me to tears how much they looked up and respected me. However I know happiness comes from inside and I can't depend on others but it definitely helps. Hopefully it helped you guys 
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