Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Doing your classmates homework for cash quick cash or academic death trap?

Now i know most kids dont do this sort of thing. Most high school kids are overworked and never paid most see it as a waste of time and dont bother to even try. However in all that theirs people like you and i the few,the proud ,the nerds. We the few who find homework and studying easy inconveniences can do others work for them. Ill make a few pros for this point and in my next post ill evaluate the cons.

#1. If its a online project then by god is it easy to get away with it.

#2 Getting caught is very unlikely
Give me a moment  to explain see at my school i have about 4k students. Teachers see hundreds sometimes thousands of kids a day and god knows how many in a week. My point is that if your paid in cash and are on the DL then no ones really gonna call you on it. This can vary from school to school but from what ive experienced no one will care.

#3. Huge market
There are tons of kids that would rather do drugs or party than learn or grow academically. This is a huge character flaw in children our age and is something smart kids or even normal no fuckface lazy kids can capitalize on. Theres always those people in every class in every school and some if not all would be willing to pay so they can go do other things other than work guilt free and nag free.

#4. Money Cash Money $$$$
Like lets be real not everyone is gonna have the cash to buy your services that's cool so just a just person to person in a time/effort ratio and you should roll in the money. Once i got paid $350 to do one semester of Geo for this kid online. Its was easy breezy cover girl i got paid in cash and got done in like a week felt like i was king of the world. Sure some of your time is sacrificed working it makes you work hard and enjoy what you can use all the time for in a positive way.

#5 You will make lots of friends
Depending on how good your work is i.e how fast or slow you are. You can become pals with some social giants just for getting them through high school. They have to live with that for the rest of their lives and TBH that's the price they pay. However its super good for you young nerd because now you have friends!! ill admit its using the word friend loosely. More like people hat see you as a walking text book with the answers in the back but hey its human contact so you cant really complain. Thats how i a super nerd can also be a prep gym rat and skater all at the same time. I can create bonds doing what i love to do learn and also make money at the same time.

 Some may have a moral sense that doing someones work for money is immoral i would counter and say that its not i thats in the wrong. Every person that asks me to do their work has to make that decision i dont force them or blackmail them .All i do is help people because schools not for everybody and im helping those that struggle. I can already hear you ask "But ben why dont you just tutor people isnt that more morally sound?" In response i would say that im not a priest i dont work for free my time has value and its in my opinion more morally unsound to demand a person sacrifice their time for no gain what so ever. Since i can't take happiness and joy to the bank or eat peace of mind i have no choice but demand a monetary exchange because A. Im not poor and B. 

"The personality problem is so tough when you're not able to pay people. It's bad enough when you can pay people, but, when you have people working for free, often their motivation is diminished considerably."(john Badham).

join me next time when i try to find some cons to this case (spoiler there will be like 2 lol bias anyone?)

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