Thursday, July 30, 2015

life is strange rewind power rant!!

Hey gonna take this time to write about something else since LCS is gonna be chill for a week or two.

In this article i want to address my thoughts on Max caulfield and her rewind power in the game Life is strange by Dontnod entertainment. Now before i begin let me just say this is a amazing game and if you havent played it i suggest you do before reading any further.

Max has a rewind power that basically turns her into a omnipotent being in the world of life is strange or very close to being one. She can reverse any mistake she makes or others makes and has on multiple occasion(if your not a asshole) saved her classmates from varying situations. From stopping a girl from killing herself to saving your fat sorta friend from getting hit or something. While this may seem like a awesome power and ill admit it would be awesome to have such a power but it would also be one hell of a curse. Think about it for a second Max never makes a mistake in the whole game (yes ik when her powers give out they dont work) she is constantly fixing everything and not dealing with the long term consequences of her actions. This would make Max and anyone with this power extremely over confident and reckless since everyone around them would praise them for being great 100% of the time. This leads to stagnation of development in a person and would actually make you a worse hman being. Imagine if you never made a mistake never failed or lost how would that alter you as a person. People are shaped by there experiences both positive and negative so if Max never has negative outcomes since she can rewind time to fix anything negative in her eyes then she breaks the balance. This not only hurts max but also robs the people around her of choice and growth.

In the game Max constantly uses her powers to do all kinds of crazy shit. She invades peoples rooms steals and even manipulate people into agreeing with her or being nice to her. This is actually kinda fucked up when you think about it she literally controls people and uses information in the future to gain an advantage in the present. This robs her friends and enemies the basic right of making their own choices and forging there own path. For her friends it makes them dependent children the more she saves them the less they learn for themselves they dont adapt or grow because max shields them from failure. Thus making them weak people would look to others to fight there battle for them insteed of making there own choices in life. To makes enemies real or perceived she could give a shit about your personal space thoughts or property and will actually fuck up peoples lives in the proceeds. Take David for instance they break into his personal domain(the garage) she then snoops around judging all of his secrets breaks into his computer spying on him and then her and chloe have the BALLS to complain about him spying on other people and how "creepy" it is.  Then confronts him with the information they wrong acquired by lying,breaking and entering and spying about him spying on Kate. This leads to him getting kicked out of his house and now his wife hates him but hey Davids just some asshole right?.......Right? welll no but thats a rant for another day

In summary Max's rewind power is in my humble ranty opinion more of a curse than a blessing. It not only hurts her but also all the people she "helps" with it since it takes away there free will in a way. She actually wields in so unresponsively that it puts into question how much of a "good person" she actually is or isnt.  All in all Max isnt the hero shes crack up to be in reality her powers (as of now) seem to do more harm then good.

But hey thats what i think and if you made it to the end then i thank you. Tell me what you think in the comments bellow or give me a like if you agree or just like the topic in general. But it wont matter sice ill just rewind and change my article to make you like it anyway. ;)

Saturday, July 25, 2015

Vulcun esports review

Daily fantasy sports keeps evolving over time and sites are figuring out how cover more and more sports. What vulcun offers is esports and thats a huge deal in the community.

What is Vulcun?

If there is a competition which has a definite winner and loser, it can be turned into a fantasy game. Vulcun has taken the fantasy format of Draftkings and Fanduel and is applying it to esports, which is a billion dollar industry which keeps growing. With Vulcun, fans are able to draft the players in the LCS and can potentially make as much as the actual pro tournament players themselves!

Pick your favorite players wherever you like!!

Vulcun gives you a $50,000 salary budget to choose your favorite games. You have the option of selecting anyone you want on any given day. But the way it works is the pro gamers are like stocks and the top gamers are going to cost more. So if you take a top gamer and he cost $12,000 then you only have $38,000 of your team salary left to choose your other five gamers. This is where strategy comes in because you can’t just pick all the top gamers. If you do your team will go over the salary cap and your lineup will be invalid.

Choose the Games You Want to Follow

League of Legends is probably the most popular game in the eSports world. But right behind it is Counter Strike and Dota2. Vulcun offers all three. So if you follow one game more than the others, you may have an advantage over the general public because you can only play the one you follow the most if your want.

Best Bonus in the Industry

Since Vulcun is new and just now introducing DFS to the gaming world, they are offering an amazing bonus to all their new players to get started. They will match your deposit up to $1000 to help get your bankroll started. If you use the promo code Benspore you can get a matched deposit bonus. GO NOW!!

Games to Fit Every Budget

If you are curious how everything works and aren’t comfortable putting your money in right away, that’s okay because they offer games for free! Even if you don’t want to risk that much, you can enter games for as little as five cents. But if you feel like this is something you can make some serious money playing, then feel free to give the high roller games a try. You can enter some of the $500 entry fee games if this is the case. The cool thing about DFS is that you can make one team and play in as many contests as you want with the same lineup. Plus you can definitely make money without spending a dime and its all skill based so its a good chance you will win some cash.

The Money is Real and Easy to Access no BS

The greatest thing about Vulcun is they are 100% legal because it’s considered a game of skill and not luck. You don’t have wait weeks to get your money and you won’t have to explain to your bank how you got a foreign check. You can withdraw your money via PayPal and have it in a day or two after you make your withdrawal. Easy convent and reliable.

Sunday, July 19, 2015

NA LCS week 8 day 2 first look and thoughts

Well today is gonna be a good day boys the standings in NA unlike EU are nice and tight. The competitive spirit and drive of these teams will shine today as playoff standings might very well be decided today of all days. Lets get into the matches to analyze the chances in todays NA LCS match ups

1.TL(10-5) vs NME(4-11)
With 10 wins and only 5 loses this split TL looks to get a second place bye in playoffs and another win to end this week off after the lost against CLG would help bring them closer to that spot. TL is a great team who is determined and might make mistake here or there but the drive and skill in each of their players can carry games on its own. While NME is in 9th place and is safe from auto relegation thanks to team 8 they look to avoid the promotion tournament with a win this week and widen that gap at the bottom of the table. I fully expect TL to manhandle NME hands down but greater upsets have happened in the past hell even this past split has seen some upsets so who knows?

2. CLG(10-5) vs C9(5-10)
CLG might have looked like the tilt was real but now there back in action and are tied for second place along with their rivals of TL. C9 was once a proud team at the very top of the LCS but now they find themselves in 8th place with a completely opposite record of CLG. A win for C9 means maybe a possible playoff spot in order to shock the whole LCS with the return of the kings of C9 but with how strong CLG has looked this split its clear they wont win today but all you C9 fans give them your energy.

3TSM(9-6) vs DIG(9-6)
The fight for 5th place while DIG looked great at the start of the split they have seance fallen from their tower of greatness into the pit of middle management. TSM is just...... being run of the mill boring uninspiring TSM as per usaul so if they win big whoop.

The other matches are not worth discussing in my opinion but feel free to tell me what i think in the comments section give this a like a share and come back for more LCS match ups and news.

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

EU LCS W8D1 match ups

With only two weeks left in the EU LCS its do or die for relegation's and play-offs and on day one some teams are make or break. So lets get into one of the final weeks of EU LCS.

1. H2k(9-5) vs Giants Gaming(7-7)
Now with a 7-7 record being tied with UOL for 4th place this is a must win for the Spanish armada of Giants Gaming. If they lose this match it could put them in a dangerous place since UOL is favored to beat Elements and GG. This could lead to them not making play off and losing their shot at worlds(lol worlds). H2k has defiantly faltered the past week or two so who knows maybe if H2k tilts far enough Giants could take a win off them. So to sum this part it seems to be the makings of a good game and thats kinda rare in EU.

2.CW(2-12) vs Elements(5-9)
Well CW are looking hurt and i mean hurt with a capital H. They fell into the same mistake lots of teams fall into the lets just replace the "bad players" and well be the best in LCS. Well with there pitiful(2-12) record it seems like they will be trying to be best in challenger if they dont have some miracle wins so far. Elements is looking alot better in contrast and looks to even contend for 4th the ever so wanted playoff spot. They probably wont make it but a win to pad out there record is always good.

3.UOL(7-7)vs SK(4-10)
not much to say here after all the spring champs cant play with the big boys now and its kinda sad really but UOL has a new line up and might have a huge opening in their team so like out first match could pull something out. Who really knows i doubt it but anything can happen if you push a wounded animal into a corner it could very well kill you.

4.OR(10-4)vs GG(6-8)
now i can say OR is gonna curb stomp GG prob a 20 min surrender and i have placed my faith in GG more than once and they have come through but also let me down on many a occasion. So today i wont do it again and put my bet on the consistent winner OR or as i like to call them the not Asian Finatic.

GG no re FNC is gonna be 16-0 this week for sure and Roccat is barley making it by now a days so yeah. STOMP CITY BABY!!!!

Sunday, July 12, 2015

NA LCS Week7 Day 2

Well we got a great week this week some great matches upsets and more but in this article i will go over the match ups for today and give some insight into the match.

1. Gravity e-sports(10-3) vs NME e-sports(4-9)
well we have the number 1 seat going up on a bottom 8th seat team. Now one would automatically assume that gravity would murder this kids but NME has shown some growth and is hungry for every win for that playoff spot while gravity could be in a zone of confidence after there trail to the top of the LCS. While i dont think NME will win you never know in the NA LCS especially after T8  beat TSM.

2. Team dignatias(8-5) vs C9(3-10)
While C9's fall from LCS royalty has been long hard and above all hilarious the team is now fighting to not be relegated out of the LCS and a win on DIG would keep them from that. Its a reach but as long as lemonnation has such a glorious beard i will believe in the C9 dream and a shot at not getting relegated this season.

3.TSM (9-4) VS team Liquid(9-4)
Now this is a match ladies and gentlemen TL wants to climb to a dominate second place standing and want to make sure TSM stays lower on the standings. Now this match is more than that this is the match of the season if you ask me both of these teams are capable of beating Gravity so a second place secure could easily translate into over taking the academy students turned gravity. Ill defenatly tune into this one with huge interest

4. TIP vs T8
well while T8 might be lower in terms of wins and standing they showed that means jack shit in NA with their win on TSM. So what do we have here basically if T8 plays even remotely similar to how they played TSM then they should beat TIP. However TIP plays a balls to the wall(literally) play style that could throw any plans off guard in the long run but long story short should be a toss up

5.CLG(8-5 soon to be 9-5) VS TDK(1-13 oops i mean 1-12)

Well while TDK needs this win i cant see them taking one off CLG,CLG is no DIG they no matter how on tilt they may be they wont fall to that level. This will be a stomp but i wont be surprised to much if CLG throws the game and TDK pick up a win to try to claw out of relegation zone.  Who knows boys who really knows anymore.

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Well those are todays matches tell me what you think bellow and if you like this give me a share of a upvote thanks.

Thursday, July 2, 2015

Chris Bradwal highlights some issues in the LCS coaching staff

Today in LCS News the Chris BradawI ruling bans him from pro LCS for a year. Riot don't play no games baby especially when this guy has no one not two not three but 6 different teams coming add fuel to his funeral pyre. The teams according to that have come forward to support allegations of poaching and general misbehavior in the league are as follows. Team liquid,TSM,Cloud 9,Gravity,Impulse and Winterfox. All have provided statements to GameSpot supporting the allegations against Bradawl. He stands accused of going to several players who where under contract to play for his challenger team some may not think this is so bad but lets really look at what this is. This is some back room deal movie mafia type shit shady is one way you could describe his actions not nearly as good of a pick but hey its one. This is a video interview where regi talks about the ruling in question.

Chris BadawI has released a statement in his defense provided by 
"This collection of assertions comes as a complete surprise – I am bewildered and quite puzzled. I’ll work with Travis to address these point by point at a later date. Since I was only notified an hour prior to their release (I believe this is the industry standard) I will need to actually read these statements prior to doing so. It’s hard for me to make sense out of all of this, except to say this seems like a strange and personal outburst painting me in an extraordinarily bad light without evidence of any kind. I’ll just finish by asking everyone to keep in mind that I actually haven’t poached anyone, and that whatever it is we are all about to read you take with a grain of salt."

Final thoughts about this bit of LCS News
If all these statements are true then his actions not only undermined his own integrity but that of the entire league and maybe the whole community. If it turn out he was poaching players like African ivory hunters in the savanna then riot clearly did the right thing in my opinion. Tell me yours in the comments bellow. 
If you want to read more LCS News go to

EU week 6 day 1 draft with benspore

Besides the three top teams in the EU LCS, it’s crunch time. Fnatic (FNC) is 10-0, Origen is 8-2, and H2k-Gaming (H2K) is 7-3 and are pretty much guaranteed to advance into the playoffs. The rest of the pack are all mathematically alive for the other spots with Giants Gaming (GG) sitting pretty at fourth-place with a 5-5 record.
The parity, or futility, is very much alive for the European split. It means that match ups mean that much more for fantasy owners because any team can take down any team (unless you’re FNC, Origen, or H2K). So, let’s break down each match up and find some of the best values for the start of week six.

Pick GG TOP Cabochard
It’s not too crazy to state that GG and Copenhagen Wolves (CW) have struggled this split. Both teams sit at the bottom of the standings with little hope for improvement. That said, they play each other in a battle of hapless teams. A squash match with even competition should amplify the typically dead value of both team’s core players. That means that GG’s mid, Betsy ($1152) and top, Cabochard ($950) are both in play. The risk to a bad team match-up is the potential of one dominating the other so pick the better team to Win is GG. Good thing this match  everyone is cheap so there should be a ton of value there.
ROCCAT Vs SK Gaming 

Pick RoCCAT  Jankos 
 ROCCAT will need Jankos and Steve to continue their positive play and MrRalleZ to build on his week’s improvement. Those three cores are borderline plays with Jankos the best of the bunch to invest in.Hopefully they can pull of a win but anything gose in EU Basicly no certainty
OMG this shouldnt be pretty i know anythings possible in the LCS but not sure if GG can pull a upset a kin to a miracle if you ask me. This will be a one side stomp now the only question is will GG make it a fight or die quickly? Im not sure but i am sure it wont be a great game for GG

Pick Xpeke
Well isnt this a cute lttle match up Origen just stomps bad opponents and UoL qualifies as that. They take early advantages and risks to snowball into the midgame and end before the clock ticks 35. It doesn’t spell for a good fantasy game for UoL fans, but Origen does warrant a little consideration if they clean up well. 
H2k Vs elements 

Winner H2k EL has potential but every team has that what seperates the good teams from the trash teams are results. EL cant put up results so for that reason i can only say that so far they seem to be utter trash and should make quick work for H2k this day.
Well those are my predictions and some fantasy picks tell me how they turn out in the comments bellow.
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