Thursday, July 2, 2015

Chris Bradwal highlights some issues in the LCS coaching staff

Today in LCS News the Chris BradawI ruling bans him from pro LCS for a year. Riot don't play no games baby especially when this guy has no one not two not three but 6 different teams coming add fuel to his funeral pyre. The teams according to that have come forward to support allegations of poaching and general misbehavior in the league are as follows. Team liquid,TSM,Cloud 9,Gravity,Impulse and Winterfox. All have provided statements to GameSpot supporting the allegations against Bradawl. He stands accused of going to several players who where under contract to play for his challenger team some may not think this is so bad but lets really look at what this is. This is some back room deal movie mafia type shit shady is one way you could describe his actions not nearly as good of a pick but hey its one. This is a video interview where regi talks about the ruling in question.

Chris BadawI has released a statement in his defense provided by 
"This collection of assertions comes as a complete surprise – I am bewildered and quite puzzled. I’ll work with Travis to address these point by point at a later date. Since I was only notified an hour prior to their release (I believe this is the industry standard) I will need to actually read these statements prior to doing so. It’s hard for me to make sense out of all of this, except to say this seems like a strange and personal outburst painting me in an extraordinarily bad light without evidence of any kind. I’ll just finish by asking everyone to keep in mind that I actually haven’t poached anyone, and that whatever it is we are all about to read you take with a grain of salt."

Final thoughts about this bit of LCS News
If all these statements are true then his actions not only undermined his own integrity but that of the entire league and maybe the whole community. If it turn out he was poaching players like African ivory hunters in the savanna then riot clearly did the right thing in my opinion. Tell me yours in the comments bellow. 
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