Sunday, July 12, 2015

NA LCS Week7 Day 2

Well we got a great week this week some great matches upsets and more but in this article i will go over the match ups for today and give some insight into the match.

1. Gravity e-sports(10-3) vs NME e-sports(4-9)
well we have the number 1 seat going up on a bottom 8th seat team. Now one would automatically assume that gravity would murder this kids but NME has shown some growth and is hungry for every win for that playoff spot while gravity could be in a zone of confidence after there trail to the top of the LCS. While i dont think NME will win you never know in the NA LCS especially after T8  beat TSM.

2. Team dignatias(8-5) vs C9(3-10)
While C9's fall from LCS royalty has been long hard and above all hilarious the team is now fighting to not be relegated out of the LCS and a win on DIG would keep them from that. Its a reach but as long as lemonnation has such a glorious beard i will believe in the C9 dream and a shot at not getting relegated this season.

3.TSM (9-4) VS team Liquid(9-4)
Now this is a match ladies and gentlemen TL wants to climb to a dominate second place standing and want to make sure TSM stays lower on the standings. Now this match is more than that this is the match of the season if you ask me both of these teams are capable of beating Gravity so a second place secure could easily translate into over taking the academy students turned gravity. Ill defenatly tune into this one with huge interest

4. TIP vs T8
well while T8 might be lower in terms of wins and standing they showed that means jack shit in NA with their win on TSM. So what do we have here basically if T8 plays even remotely similar to how they played TSM then they should beat TIP. However TIP plays a balls to the wall(literally) play style that could throw any plans off guard in the long run but long story short should be a toss up

5.CLG(8-5 soon to be 9-5) VS TDK(1-13 oops i mean 1-12)

Well while TDK needs this win i cant see them taking one off CLG,CLG is no DIG they no matter how on tilt they may be they wont fall to that level. This will be a stomp but i wont be surprised to much if CLG throws the game and TDK pick up a win to try to claw out of relegation zone.  Who knows boys who really knows anymore.

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Well those are todays matches tell me what you think bellow and if you like this give me a share of a upvote thanks.

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