Sunday, July 19, 2015

NA LCS week 8 day 2 first look and thoughts

Well today is gonna be a good day boys the standings in NA unlike EU are nice and tight. The competitive spirit and drive of these teams will shine today as playoff standings might very well be decided today of all days. Lets get into the matches to analyze the chances in todays NA LCS match ups

1.TL(10-5) vs NME(4-11)
With 10 wins and only 5 loses this split TL looks to get a second place bye in playoffs and another win to end this week off after the lost against CLG would help bring them closer to that spot. TL is a great team who is determined and might make mistake here or there but the drive and skill in each of their players can carry games on its own. While NME is in 9th place and is safe from auto relegation thanks to team 8 they look to avoid the promotion tournament with a win this week and widen that gap at the bottom of the table. I fully expect TL to manhandle NME hands down but greater upsets have happened in the past hell even this past split has seen some upsets so who knows?

2. CLG(10-5) vs C9(5-10)
CLG might have looked like the tilt was real but now there back in action and are tied for second place along with their rivals of TL. C9 was once a proud team at the very top of the LCS but now they find themselves in 8th place with a completely opposite record of CLG. A win for C9 means maybe a possible playoff spot in order to shock the whole LCS with the return of the kings of C9 but with how strong CLG has looked this split its clear they wont win today but all you C9 fans give them your energy.

3TSM(9-6) vs DIG(9-6)
The fight for 5th place while DIG looked great at the start of the split they have seance fallen from their tower of greatness into the pit of middle management. TSM is just...... being run of the mill boring uninspiring TSM as per usaul so if they win big whoop.

The other matches are not worth discussing in my opinion but feel free to tell me what i think in the comments section give this a like a share and come back for more LCS match ups and news.

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