Wednesday, July 15, 2015

EU LCS W8D1 match ups

With only two weeks left in the EU LCS its do or die for relegation's and play-offs and on day one some teams are make or break. So lets get into one of the final weeks of EU LCS.

1. H2k(9-5) vs Giants Gaming(7-7)
Now with a 7-7 record being tied with UOL for 4th place this is a must win for the Spanish armada of Giants Gaming. If they lose this match it could put them in a dangerous place since UOL is favored to beat Elements and GG. This could lead to them not making play off and losing their shot at worlds(lol worlds). H2k has defiantly faltered the past week or two so who knows maybe if H2k tilts far enough Giants could take a win off them. So to sum this part it seems to be the makings of a good game and thats kinda rare in EU.

2.CW(2-12) vs Elements(5-9)
Well CW are looking hurt and i mean hurt with a capital H. They fell into the same mistake lots of teams fall into the lets just replace the "bad players" and well be the best in LCS. Well with there pitiful(2-12) record it seems like they will be trying to be best in challenger if they dont have some miracle wins so far. Elements is looking alot better in contrast and looks to even contend for 4th the ever so wanted playoff spot. They probably wont make it but a win to pad out there record is always good.

3.UOL(7-7)vs SK(4-10)
not much to say here after all the spring champs cant play with the big boys now and its kinda sad really but UOL has a new line up and might have a huge opening in their team so like out first match could pull something out. Who really knows i doubt it but anything can happen if you push a wounded animal into a corner it could very well kill you.

4.OR(10-4)vs GG(6-8)
now i can say OR is gonna curb stomp GG prob a 20 min surrender and i have placed my faith in GG more than once and they have come through but also let me down on many a occasion. So today i wont do it again and put my bet on the consistent winner OR or as i like to call them the not Asian Finatic.

GG no re FNC is gonna be 16-0 this week for sure and Roccat is barley making it by now a days so yeah. STOMP CITY BABY!!!!

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