Thursday, July 2, 2015

EU week 6 day 1 draft with benspore

Besides the three top teams in the EU LCS, it’s crunch time. Fnatic (FNC) is 10-0, Origen is 8-2, and H2k-Gaming (H2K) is 7-3 and are pretty much guaranteed to advance into the playoffs. The rest of the pack are all mathematically alive for the other spots with Giants Gaming (GG) sitting pretty at fourth-place with a 5-5 record.
The parity, or futility, is very much alive for the European split. It means that match ups mean that much more for fantasy owners because any team can take down any team (unless you’re FNC, Origen, or H2K). So, let’s break down each match up and find some of the best values for the start of week six.

Pick GG TOP Cabochard
It’s not too crazy to state that GG and Copenhagen Wolves (CW) have struggled this split. Both teams sit at the bottom of the standings with little hope for improvement. That said, they play each other in a battle of hapless teams. A squash match with even competition should amplify the typically dead value of both team’s core players. That means that GG’s mid, Betsy ($1152) and top, Cabochard ($950) are both in play. The risk to a bad team match-up is the potential of one dominating the other so pick the better team to Win is GG. Good thing this match  everyone is cheap so there should be a ton of value there.
ROCCAT Vs SK Gaming 

Pick RoCCAT  Jankos 
 ROCCAT will need Jankos and Steve to continue their positive play and MrRalleZ to build on his week’s improvement. Those three cores are borderline plays with Jankos the best of the bunch to invest in.Hopefully they can pull of a win but anything gose in EU Basicly no certainty
OMG this shouldnt be pretty i know anythings possible in the LCS but not sure if GG can pull a upset a kin to a miracle if you ask me. This will be a one side stomp now the only question is will GG make it a fight or die quickly? Im not sure but i am sure it wont be a great game for GG

Pick Xpeke
Well isnt this a cute lttle match up Origen just stomps bad opponents and UoL qualifies as that. They take early advantages and risks to snowball into the midgame and end before the clock ticks 35. It doesn’t spell for a good fantasy game for UoL fans, but Origen does warrant a little consideration if they clean up well. 
H2k Vs elements 

Winner H2k EL has potential but every team has that what seperates the good teams from the trash teams are results. EL cant put up results so for that reason i can only say that so far they seem to be utter trash and should make quick work for H2k this day.
Well those are my predictions and some fantasy picks tell me how they turn out in the comments bellow.
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