Thursday, July 30, 2015

life is strange rewind power rant!!

Hey gonna take this time to write about something else since LCS is gonna be chill for a week or two.

In this article i want to address my thoughts on Max caulfield and her rewind power in the game Life is strange by Dontnod entertainment. Now before i begin let me just say this is a amazing game and if you havent played it i suggest you do before reading any further.

Max has a rewind power that basically turns her into a omnipotent being in the world of life is strange or very close to being one. She can reverse any mistake she makes or others makes and has on multiple occasion(if your not a asshole) saved her classmates from varying situations. From stopping a girl from killing herself to saving your fat sorta friend from getting hit or something. While this may seem like a awesome power and ill admit it would be awesome to have such a power but it would also be one hell of a curse. Think about it for a second Max never makes a mistake in the whole game (yes ik when her powers give out they dont work) she is constantly fixing everything and not dealing with the long term consequences of her actions. This would make Max and anyone with this power extremely over confident and reckless since everyone around them would praise them for being great 100% of the time. This leads to stagnation of development in a person and would actually make you a worse hman being. Imagine if you never made a mistake never failed or lost how would that alter you as a person. People are shaped by there experiences both positive and negative so if Max never has negative outcomes since she can rewind time to fix anything negative in her eyes then she breaks the balance. This not only hurts max but also robs the people around her of choice and growth.

In the game Max constantly uses her powers to do all kinds of crazy shit. She invades peoples rooms steals and even manipulate people into agreeing with her or being nice to her. This is actually kinda fucked up when you think about it she literally controls people and uses information in the future to gain an advantage in the present. This robs her friends and enemies the basic right of making their own choices and forging there own path. For her friends it makes them dependent children the more she saves them the less they learn for themselves they dont adapt or grow because max shields them from failure. Thus making them weak people would look to others to fight there battle for them insteed of making there own choices in life. To makes enemies real or perceived she could give a shit about your personal space thoughts or property and will actually fuck up peoples lives in the proceeds. Take David for instance they break into his personal domain(the garage) she then snoops around judging all of his secrets breaks into his computer spying on him and then her and chloe have the BALLS to complain about him spying on other people and how "creepy" it is.  Then confronts him with the information they wrong acquired by lying,breaking and entering and spying about him spying on Kate. This leads to him getting kicked out of his house and now his wife hates him but hey Davids just some asshole right?.......Right? welll no but thats a rant for another day

In summary Max's rewind power is in my humble ranty opinion more of a curse than a blessing. It not only hurts her but also all the people she "helps" with it since it takes away there free will in a way. She actually wields in so unresponsively that it puts into question how much of a "good person" she actually is or isnt.  All in all Max isnt the hero shes crack up to be in reality her powers (as of now) seem to do more harm then good.

But hey thats what i think and if you made it to the end then i thank you. Tell me what you think in the comments bellow or give me a like if you agree or just like the topic in general. But it wont matter sice ill just rewind and change my article to make you like it anyway. ;)

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