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LCS summer playoffs 2015 picks and predictions

LCS 2015 summer Playoff thoughts and ideas

Hey guys its Ben here and the time has come for summer playoffs arguably the most important playoff for LCS teams by a mile. I'll focus on NA and EU LCS for this article so its not 7 pages long both have some really interesting brackets where ill break them down and I will say who I think will win. Well without further padding(lol) lets get into the main course of NA and EU LCS summer playoffs.

I'll start off with NA since its by far the most competitive and has a lot of intense match ups.

Play off quarter finals best of 3(TIP vs DIG)
This should in theory be a total sweep TIP was in the running for a 1st place spot in NA but fell short of that mark. That being said TIP is an amazing team that turns on the heat in every match they play and while Xio might be suspended Gate has been a decent sub and plays safe not throwing like you would expect a support turned mid to. TIP has show repeatedly that they can take any team in NA and DIG hasn't had the greatest split. In fact DIG has had an epic fall from glory from the start of the split where they were a first place team but recent can only seem to pull of a win against a relegation squad NME. DIG makes tons of mistakes and are a bad match up to TIP who plays fast lose and hard if DIG gives them even a small opening it will snowball into a stomp real quick. I would say 70/30 for a TIP will probably DIG can take a game maybe two but i don't see them going any further than the quarters this split. TIP will go on to face CLG in the semis and look for a final run where I believe there rivals TL will be waiting.

Playoff Quarter Finals best of 3 match 2(Gravity vs TSM)
Both of these teams have huge potential both are fan favorites by most standards and both play the same safe objective control play style but only one can advance to the semis. This will most likely go to 5 games and I see TSM coming out on top due to the fact that gravity is not the unbeatable giant we once believed they were. I think NA teams have cracked the gravity code and I don't think they can hold on to the best of three with TSM unless we see the team from the middle of the split. If that team isn't playing TSM then I'm not sure they can even hope to win. It will be a huge battle both teams will be pushing it but I think TSM can push farther than Gravity and win the series. The winner of this match will play TL and TSM remembers that loss well im sure cant wait to see them in the best of three.

Bold prediction Summer playoff winner(TL)
TL has blazed an inhuman like trail across the split and look in peak form while they are far from perfect they have what it takes to win Playoffs in NA

Now lets get into EU the less fun of the two since you know FNC will win but Let's look at the other matches shall we.

Match 1 quarter finals (H2K vs GIA)
EU is an odd league all of its power is on the top and at the base power is almost split evenly anyone can beat anyone and the teams throw games so often you have to wonder why you even watch this at times. H2k finished third in the summer split this year at 11-7 while GIA took a close 6th place spot at 8-11. H2K will probably win since there a better team overall and actually play team comps that work and don't revolve around greed. There aggressive but not too aggressive play style should handily defeat the way to aggressive for their own good GIA play style so I see them sweeping this. They might lose a game but won't lose 2. AND H2K can finally get that game with OG and well see if they can stop the OG FNC finals that everyone is calling now.

EU Q finals 2 (UOL vs ROC)
I think that UOL will beat itself and ROC will get the credit people see them as a good team but there basically a solo queue team who can make some plays. ROC on the other hand while they may be lower on the standings by like one game they play the game well and sure make some huge mistakes here or there but are a great team all thing considered. If they do win FNC will sweep them so its no biggie  it really doesn't matter if they win but they most likely will they will face the undefeated FNC and just lose sweep style.

Not so bold prediction Winner FNC

This is a no brainer they haven't lost a single game in an entire season and I don't see them losing to any team so far.

I didn't talk about Orign because they are a toss up team and its hard for me to discuss them since this is practically do or die for them. Since they joined this split they have no championship points meaning they have to win the summer split to go to worlds which seems to be there goal for sure. So the finals will be OR vs FNC for the title of summer split king and world's first seat.
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