Thursday, August 13, 2015

LCS 2015 summer playoffs SF EU and NA

This weekend is gonna be fire boys we got some super hot matches that im super hyped to talk about so lets start off with EU.

ORG vs H2K
Well this would be H2k's second match of the playoffs and now they take on the number 2 seat of ORG. ORG has held the number 2 spot for sometime not near the level of FNC however they have performed extremely well this split. Their games are blood baths and they turn on the heat on the dime on anyteam in some cases even FNC. H2k on the other hand have showed some promise being a clear 3rd place towards the end of the split and with there destruction of GIA they look to go to the finals with a hard won match with ORG.

Well this brings back memories from the spring split when UOL could actually contend with FNC as equals. Those were the days but those days are long gone thanks to FNC becoming a force of fucking nature, They went 18-0 this summer and before the playoffs beat UOL with trundle support it was super sad tbh the level of outplay was like watching faker lane with a bronze five riven main.  So yeah hopefully UOL wont get manhandled again and for the pride and the pride of their fans give FNC at least one lose. #thedream

Moving on the NA where the match ups are beyond hype levels and where the real games begin.

TIP is looking good with there decisive win over DIG with a 3-0 sweep however that wont happen to CLG. The reason being CLG unlike DIG plays a certain way that TIP can relate to and its unlikely without xio that they can take CLG without some epic Impact/Rush carries. CLG wants worlds bad and wont let TIP walk all over them so this should be a interesting series might go to 5 games that means tons of points.

Match of the week TL vs TSM(HYPE!!!!)
What is hype you say this match is the answer with the rising stars of TL taking on the reigning kings of NA TSM hype will be born boys! TSM had a interesting win over GRV by passing the carry baton to Dyrus instead of Big B witch was definitely a new approach but it wont be enough to beat liquid. Liquid has risien to the very top of NA beating all that stood in their way even TSM the raw talent and teamwork of liquid alone should give TSM pause. I think if anyone can stop TSM its TL with now that just be my bias speaking but god dammit its justified bias if there ever was such a thing. It might be close but TL should kill and i mean kill TSM and go on to the finals.

Dont agree well tell me what you think in the comments or put your money where your mouth is and play Alphadraft..... what to scared.....pussy!! lol but no really Alphadraft is super fun guys go play it like now!!

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