Sunday, June 28, 2015

NA LCS week5 day2 picks

Well yesterday was a eventful day  CLG failed me and now they face a danger they dont fare so well against. TSM is a dragon that CLG cant hope to slay unless they are 110% and from yesterdays match with TL there not at their best. So today ill just show mmy picks and pray they pan out this time.

Top: DIG Gamsu
Yes ik i picked a DIG player stop the presses. While i hate DIG with a passion they face TDK today and anytime a mid tier goes up with trash pick the mid tiers.

Jungler:TSM Santorin
See summary for this CLG betrayal i cant bring myself to believe this day. plus hes only like 7k this week which is really low for a TSM player.

Mid; DIG Shiphtur
Again another Dig player why because their cheap and are up aginst a tier
 -50 TDK a team that wont see a win until i see EL win worlds so NEVER! so there a good pick because of cost to stomp ratio.

Well those are my picks for today tell me how your picks went this week?
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