Friday, June 26, 2015

NA LCS week5 Day1

Ahh NA LCS one of the worst leagues in all of league of legends. However it contains some of the worlds most known fan favorite teams and compared to other leagues can be sort of entertaining. This is gonna be a post about my predictions and expectations on the matches this week. This is my opinion you can disagree hell even tell me why you do in the comments my body is ready.

Match Notes

Probably gonna be a outer kill fest and is a dangerous pick for fantasy because it seems like a anything goes match up. I tend not to pick players where its 50/50 because its to risky i would recommend picking from another match.

TL has fallen from glory they make mistakes left and right and are on a downward spiral into obscurity. While CLG has shown they have the potential to become one of the best teams in NA while they make mistakes their calls are mostly hits and rarely misses. I think CLG should man handle TL no doubt this is more of a 75/25 match so picking Doublelift or Polebelter would be good picks to build your team around.


Not much to say one of the best vs a bottom feeder squad shouldn't even be close and TSM offers some good point totals so if you dont believe in CLG then TSM shouldn't disappoint.

C9 vs TDK
Now the old C9 would butt fuck TDK but that C9 died last year and wont be coming back. Its a sad match for both of these teams but if C9 loses i think they should just disband because all hope will be lost. I expect them to win but im not positive and that's really hard to say for a former world contender team. If you Trust in C9 then pick them there cheap as hell i would flex them with some other players from decent teams.

Another 50/50 game but since i hate both these teams yet hate DIG even more i would put my money on NME but wouldn't pick either unless my salary cap puts a un to my head so yeah that's about it two low level teams who cant play with the Big Boys.

And that's all i have to say for Week 5 Day 1 of the NA LCS some good matches some bad matches and some even matches but it is NA after all so what can you do?
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