Thursday, May 14, 2015

top 5 reasons why being popular doesnt matter

1.being popular is a double edged sword.
Depending on how your high school is structured the clique hierarchy could vary. However the general order is normally preps,jocks,party kids,nerds,normal kids and last and very least complete outcast. Now while you might think being at the top of the hierarchy is good you would be wrong. Being at the top means you have to be mindful of every action because it could make or break you. This can create the same level of stress being at the bottom causes and sometimes isn't worth it.

2. Popular kids normally aren't liked by the majority of people at the school
This may seem like a contradiction but being popular isn't being well like it's just being known in your school. In my school the popular kids are not seen as necessary good people but more like someone we can all reference whether that's good or bad depends on the group.

3. Most popular kids become losers in college.
Let's be honest high school is a artificial environment meaning it isn't really the real world. It might be similar but I assure you no one really cares how bad ass you were in high school.  However most kids don't understand this concept and leave school with a sense of pride they don't deserve even remotely. This leads to them being completely confused and their life spirals out of control.

4.People won't know you personally just superficially.
When your popular people respect your image not your true self. This means they don't see you for you but rather as a projection of you they make up for themselves.

5. It's ultimately pointless so be your self
Being popular has no real value in the long run.  a much better idea is to just be yourself I know thats what everyone says but it's actually true. Being yourself allows you to actually make good bonds and actually helps you in the real world. That's one of schools redemptive qualities it helps people grow. However that growth can swallow you if you don't carefully guide it.

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