Tuesday, May 12, 2015

How education in america went downhill p1

Education is very important with education you can train the youth and set a course for the future. However this docent seem to important now since education (in the states at least) has turned into test score alley. In america today we over hype test scores in both high school and elementary education to the point where actually learning skills is not the primary focus anymore. In this post and many more to come i will go into both my personal experience and examine the experience of others on Americas fall from the education grace.

I remember a time where you would go to school on  the first day and your teacher wouldn't stress just how important your test scores are. yes they were there when i was a kid but my teachers whole career dint depend on how well i did on a test one time at the end of the year. Call me crazy but are test scores a real measure of intelligence? sure IQ test are but little state standardized test which are beyond easy (to me at least). Instead of drilling kids on how to spend half a year preparing for a test we should actually teach kids things like critical thinking so they can not grow up to be drones whos only question is whats the answer. Kids now dont look into the question and ask why things are that way they just ask how things are. This direction robs kids of there self determination and sets them up big time for failure. I know thats not the intent they want more scientist and engineers but you know what they have to do? Think not just accept a theory or a law but test it ask questions and really know why. Until we start to see that we will get more McDonald's employees and less scientist

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