Sunday, January 3, 2016

Finding the echo fox roster

The Echo Fox roster rumors.

The new kids on the LCS block Echo Fox have yet to formally release a roster but there are rumors of what the team would look like. Echo Fox founded by Rick Fox, after gaining gravity gaming's  spot in December for roughly $1 million. The rumors suggest a strong roster for the spring split.

According to the Daily Dot Froggen will serve as the starting mid laner for echo fox. Their sources are contacts close to the team and have confirmed he is in the final stages of negotiations. Froggen was in negotiations with many teams across North America, Europe, and even China, this offseason after Elements disbanded  due to management disputes.

According to sources close to the team, Echo Fox is likely to add former MeetYourMakers mid laner Kori as a sub to Froggen. The rest of the team according to Daily Dot include C9T jungler Hard,Former CLGB ADC Keith and TDK support Baby. The final player in the top lane is yet to be known probably some challenger player again. Some say hes Korean which would make the team good so lets hope thats the case LoL.

Echo Fox’s coach is former Gravity Gaming coach and AD carry  "COP” . They will also be retaining Gravity manager Jake “Ginko” Fyfe as their general manager.

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