Friday, January 1, 2016

Liquid announces 10 man roster and new head coach!

TL owner Steve announces new roster ideas and changes in the team. This includes the change to a 10 man roster and a new head coach.Now lets tackle this ten man roster change this basically means the challenger players will act as subs to the LCS players. This is similar to LSPL teams and LPL teams where the benched players play in the lower league. Is this a good idea? I think so since TL has had some performance slumps from time to time and benching a player for a game or two could help out the team a lot. We still dont know who the new TL top laner is or what happened with quas probably never will TBH.

The next huge piece of news is that of all people LOCO is now the new head coach of TL.......Now dont get me wrong great guy not so great coach. After TSM i cant see Loco coaching again he seemed pretty done by the end of worlds. On top of all that hes gonna be the head coach of my favorite team a team and i really want them to do well. Can Loco deliver? or will TL be mid teir trash this year? Find that out and more here at the critical zone!! TL BEST TEAM NA 2016!!! HYPE(hopefully)!

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