Wednesday, January 6, 2016

I respect for the king xspecial

Xspecial former TSM TL support will not be joining a lcs team this year. As the start of the season approached it looked like xspecial was done. And it turns out those fears were justified. My fanboy glasses blinded me from the truth xspecial wasn't good anymore. At least not like the early days. Xspecial is prone to lots of problems and issues a lot of older players have they can't adapt. Knowing xspecial hes gonna say it's all his fault in a ton that makes him seem humble and honorable. However his consistent passive aggressive bitch behavior was "toxic" to his team. Even with a former world champion ADC piglet xspecial still failed. Xspecial was a great player and should always be remembered as such however don't forget his play declined and it's his fault he isn't on a team this year.

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