Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Yellowstar leaves FNATIC

A legend is leaving Fnatic, as Bora "YellOwStaR" Kim has left the roster, the organization announced this morning.
The announcement is as follows
"On behalf of everyone in Fnatic, I would like to begin by thanking and congratulating Bora for his phenomenal performance and achievements over these past three years," "When we understood that YellOwStaR had sincere interest in pursuing a new journey and chapter of his already successful career, we did everything in our power to provide him with an offer and path within our organisation that would make him reconsider. However, we soon realized what we probably already knew: that someone as determined and curious like Bora thrives from trying new things - the very same traits that made him to the player and person he is today."
YellOwStaR gave his own take expressing a desire to play in the NA Lcs giving support to the yellowstar TSM theory.
And with that FNC has lost 3 players Hunni reignover and now yellowstar. This is a grave blow to the team and opens the gates to a OG dominant EU LCS.

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